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Acampora & Johnson talk markets, elections and business advice

by SuperiorInvest

Ralph Acampora is a hedge fund advisor at Hedge Friend, as well as an expert technician with several decades of experience. Your nickname for him? The “godfather of technical analysis.” Craig Johnson is Managing Director and Senior Technical Analyst at Piper Sandler & Co. Both living trading legends attended an interview at MoneyShow/TradersEXPO Las Vegas 2024, and the result is this double-barreled MoneyShow MoneyMasters podcast segment.

Ralph and Craig begin by discussing the current market environment, noting that some stocks are in “nosebleed territory” and why the most likely scenario is a short-term pullback followed by range trading. As Craig says, after a “jump, dip, and pop” environment in 2023, we are in for an “HLTR” market in 2024. Ralph then looks at the key market cap groups he will be watching in any pullback. him assess the health of the market going forward, PLUS the one key factor that should drive the stock higher through the end of the year. Then, Craig shares why he thinks we'll see “the 'Mag 7' become the 'Lag 7'”… his two key reasons why small caps should have the wind at their backs… and what three stocks thinks they look good. particularly attractive.

The conversation then moves on to other asset classes like bonds and cryptocurrencies. Both experts talk about the big shift we've seen in the interest rate cycle, what it means for markets, and why it won't “reverse in a New York minute.” Plus, Craig talks about the bull run in , what he thinks the involvement of companies like BlackRock (NYSE 🙂), Fidelity, and Coinbase (NASDAQ 🙂) means for cryptocurrencies, and the various ways investors can profit in this space. We conclude with some advice for traders and why Ralph's favorite advice is to “Keep it simple.”

This content was originally published on the MoneyShow YouTube channel.

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