Home Markets Boeing jet deliveries rose to 35 in August as Dreamliners returned

Boeing jet deliveries rose to 35 in August as Dreamliners returned

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A Lufthansa Boeing 787-9 is parked at Frankfurt Airport with another Lufthansa aircraft in the background. The first jet Boeing 787-9 has landed at its new home base in Frankfurt.

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BoeingDeliveries rose to 35 planes last month, helped in part by the resumption of deliveries of new 787 Dreamliners to airlines.

They had manufacturing defects suspended widebody Dreamliner deliveries for most of the past two years.

German Lufthansa and Dutch Airlines KLM were among customers who received the new Dreamliners in August after the planes were approved by the Federal Aviation Administration, Boeing said. Each carrier received one aircraft.

Two Dreamliners American Airlines received last month were not included in the census. The jets were flown to Victorville, California, where Boeing installed Wi-Fi equipment and other items into the aircraft’s interiors.

Boeing also posted 26 net orders for new planes last month, half of them for the 737 Max. Its net orders for the year are 388 and deliveries are 277 aircraft. That lags behind the 637 net orders and 380 deliveries announced by rival Airbus.

Both manufacturers stated supply chain constraints are limiting their ability to increase production despite the increase in air travel.

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