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Cointelegraph Top 100 Reveals 3rd Place in 2023 Ranking

by SuperiorInvest

Cointelegraph will start the last three places in its annual top 100 list, revealing each of the top 3 individually. In third place is Binance founder and CEO Changpeng “CZ” Zhao. Zhao leads one of the largest organizations in the crypto industry, Binance – a crypto exchange that is involved in several other industries. Zhao was ranked 51st Cointelegraph Top 100 List for 2022. The CEO spoke favorably of decentralization, even though Binance is a major player in the centralized crypto exchange space.


CZ had a big year in 2022 when it found itself caught in industrial turmoil during the collapse of crypto giant FTX. Just before FTX imploded, Binance began storing roughly $600 million worth of FTX Tokens (FTT) — native FTX token. Binance also faced regulatory challenges in 2022. The exchange has various regional offices but has yet to publicly disclose an official headquarters and commit to a specific jurisdiction, attracting inquiries from regulators in various jurisdictions.

In recent weeks, Cointelegraph has unveiled its list of the most influential players in the crypto space, publishing the compilation in batches of 10 and counting down from 100. Each person, entity or concept holding a position on the list comes with a profile and analysis of that player’s year ahead. Unlike previous years, Cointelegraph included the most nefarious villains in its 2023 list alongside the heroes, due to their significant influence on the crypto and blockchain sector.

Cointelegraph has revealed the 98 biggest movers and shakers in the industry so far, as voted on by readers and staff. The list includes BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes at #92; MicroStrategy Executive Chairman Michael Saylor at No. 14; concepts like hardware wallets; organizations such as the Central Bank of Nigeria; pseudonymous crypto personalities like Cobie; and an extensive selection of CEOs, founders and more.

Next, Cointelegraph will reveal the #2 spot, followed by a grand finale that will complete the 2023 Top 100 People in Cryptocurrency. Who will take first place? Stay tuned to find out!

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