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ConsenSys addresses MetaMask IP address collection, claims nothing has changed

by SuperiorInvest

After the community response received from an initial Privacy Policy Revision On November 23, ConsenSys, the parent company of MetaMask, issued a claim restate the data collection intentions.

The company said the policy has always stated how certain types of personal data, which may include IP addresses, are automatically collected. According to ConsenSys, the latest updates were transparent about how Infura, MetaMask’s default remote procedure call, works with user data.

ConsenSys emphasized that MetaMask itself does not collect IP addresses. Rather, the policy states that users operating a wallet through Infura applications are subject to data collection.

In a tweet, the company he claimed only the policy language has been updated and “nothing” else about the policy or data collection is different.

Speaking to Cointelegraph, ConsenSys said:

“Infura does not misuse this information and ConsenSys does not monetize this information as some Web2 companies do.”

According to Consensys, Infura is currently engaged in technical updates to “minimize the collection of personal data, including anonymization techniques and the minimization and elimination of any data collection and retention.”

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Updates to its policies came as users started looking for free options for storing digital assets after FTX fallout. Despite an explanation from the company through its official web channels, users in the community reacted with skepticism.

Some he said this gives users all the more reason to move assets to a cold storage wallet. Others asked for alternative wallet recommendations and reiterated the need for decentralization in Web3.

MetaMask has more than 21 million monthly usersmaking it one of the most popular self-service wallets in the Web3 space.

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