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Cryptocurrency Mining in 2023 — Is It Still Worth It? Check out Market Talks

by SuperiorInvest

In this week’s episode Talks about the market, Cointelegraph welcomes Justin Kramer, CEO of Badgerland Home Crypto Mining and long-term cryptocurrency investor. When not working on his own mining rigs, Kramer provides consulting services to home-based operations and larger startups on how to set up mining farms.

We’ll start with miner prices and how they’ve changed over the past few months. Whether prices go up or down and what impact does bitcoin have (BTC) have on prices? Which miners are currently in the most demand and who is buying them – small miners or larger operations?

How are the miners doing in this market who have paid extremely high prices for mining rigs that are now not worth anywhere near the same amount? What is their plan to recoup their investment? Is it a lost cause at this point because the prices of the coins currently mining aren’t as high as they used to be? Is it still worth paying those high electricity costs and continuing mining?

United States President Joe Biden recently announced a new budget that also includes a whopping 30% tax on electricity used for cryptocurrency mining operations. We ask Kramer for his thoughts on this and what the details of this new tax are. Could this be a cryptocurrency attack?

Are miners more attracted to altcoin miners at the moment because they could make more profit compared to bitcoin mining? We ask Kramer if this is true, and if so, what’s the reason behind it?

How profitable is it to mine Kaden (KDA)? How much do miners cost and also is it even worth mining and holding Kaden? Is the network moving forward and innovating?

We ask Kramer how he advises people who want to start a mining farm, are they all bitcoin miners or a certain percentage of bitcoin miners and the rest are altcoin miners and which miners does he specifically recommend?

How are things going in the cloud mining and NFT mining industries? Are they a good option for someone who may not have the space or resources needed to run a miner in their home or on their property? We also ask Kramer for details on the profit share and other expenses associated with this form of mining.

We cover all of that and more, so make sure you stay tuned until the end, as Cointelegraph Markets & Research will also be taking your questions and comments during the show, so be sure to have them ready.

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