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David Rosenberg live: Inflation will disappear in 2023

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David Rosenberg takes his Breakfast with Dave on the road today with a live event in Toronto hosted by Rosenberg Research in partnership with the Financial Post. Year of the Rabbit: Jump the Hole! takes an in-depth look at global financial markets and the economic outlook for 2023.

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Rosenberg will be joined in front of a live audience by Rosenberg Research’s Brendan Livingstone, Chief Markets Strategist, and Marius Jongstra, Chief Economist and Strategist.

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Inflation will disappear in 2023

“The inflationary dragon has been slain,” says David Rosenberg, and relief from rising prices is on the horizon.

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The cause of inflation, disrupted supply chains, is disappearing and demand is softening.

“I see inflation dropping like a rock.

Rosenberg says he got some flak for saying that inflation is transitory, a term that central banks have abandoned.

Much of the year will be rough, but once inflation comes down, the long-term outlook is quite positive, he said.

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