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Dutch government pledges $222 million for AI innovation

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The Dutch government will set aside €204.5 million ($222.07 million), according to a Jan. 18 announcement from the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations. The funds aim to encourage local investment in artificial intelligence (AI) and help the Netherlands “not be stuck on the sidelines” when it comes to AI.

The announcement states that Asia and the United States have taken the lead in the use of responsible generative AI, and the Dutch government aims to position the Netherlands and the European Union competitively and set the course for the development of the technology.

Screenshot of the Dutch government’s announcement about its AI vision. Source: Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations.

The government also plans to organize campaigns to educate people on how to protect data from generative AI. There is also ongoing research into creating a secure and functional national AI testing facility for public use.

The announcement outlined the government’s strategy to leverage generative AI systems like ChatGPT while protecting against risks of misinformation and reduced job opportunities. The Netherlands would also begin to adhere to the EU AI Law, which regulates government use of AI and sets out rules to follow before entering the market.

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In December 2023, the European Parliament and the Council reached agreement on a risk-based model for regulating AI, but some details are still being negotiated and it has not yet been formally enacted.

Dutch Minister of Education, Culture and Science Robbert Dijkgraaf said: “The essence is to develop and retain talent in AI, to allow us to develop forms of generative AI that meet European standards and values.”

According to Dijkgraaf, the government is also considering investing in important scientific and technological resources, such as supercomputers, for both the Netherlands and the EU: “We are also considering investments in large-scale scientific and technological infrastructure, such as supercomputers and computing power.” , both at national and EU level. This will allow us to remain competitive in the LLM field. [large language models] and other forms of generative AI.”

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