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Elon Musk's X will remove likes and repeat posts from timeline in 'weeks'

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“I am not working on this change, but employees are still investigating it. It should be gradually rolled out to users in the coming weeks and the UX may change by then,” said X software engineer Ellis Driscoll in an April 29 article. mail.

Drsicoll's comments came in response to an unreleased user experience (UX) demo video showing an “explosive menu” where likes and posts are located within a separate menu on the home screen, originally shared by X's head of payments, Christopher Stanley.

Source: Christopher Stanley

Driscoll noted that the video shared by Stanley was actually just the “more” menu and not necessarily the overall UX for X users. He said the core functionality of the new UX would be made up of “simple gestures.”

“The taste should be equally fast. The response should be faster,” she added.

Notably, X users would still be able to see the number of likes and repeat posts on any given post, but they would need to select each post individually to see these metrics.

Stanley added that the new user interface would allow users to interact with posts by “long-pressing and then swiping,” something he said was “kind of like a video game interface.”

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Instagram hid public like counts, called 'hearts,' on its app in 2021 as part of an attempt to allay mental health concerns around the app by reducing like-based competition among typically younger users of the social media platform.

However, comments from Stanely who alluded to the new features being more focused on updating the UX and putting as much content as possible on the screen.

Multiple accounts in X He suggested that the new model could help shift the focus to the substance of the posts themselves and help stem the tide of posts that may be more focused on engagement.

Critics, meanwhile, said the new feature could help the social media platform push content that appeals to its internal teams without users being able to identify why a post is trending, much like Instagram and TikTok.

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