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GitHub has lifted its ban on Tornado Cash repositories under OFAC guidelines

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Crypto mixer Tornado Cash has returned to the GitHub software development platform after being banned from the site for several weeks.

Ethereum developer Preston Van Loon on Twitter on Thursday message that GitHub has partially unbanned the Tornado Cash organization and contributors on their platform. The developer suggested that the Tornado Cash code repository is now in read-only mode, meaning GitHub is yet to restore full functionality.

“But that’s progress from a total ban. I still recommend that GitHub reverse all actions and return the repository to its original state,” Van Loon said.

According to GitHub, the most recent updates to the Tornado Cash repositories were made on or shortly after August 22 Tornado Cash co-founder Roman Semenov announced that his account was on the platform. August 8 United States Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) banned US residents from using Tornado Cash and blacklist 44 USD Coin (USDC) and ether (ETH) addresses associated with the mixer.

Tornado Cash’s return to GitHub came soon after OFAC clarified its policy around Tornado Cash on September 13 and stated that US residents will not violate the sanctions by copying the mixer code or making it available online. OFAC also noted that U.S. persons will not be prohibited from visiting the Tornado Cash website once it is available online again.

Tornado Cash, based on the Ethereum blockchain, is a tool that allows users to hide their crypto transactions to protect their anonymity by obscuring information traces on the blockchain. The Ethereum mixer has come under the scrutiny of global regulators following an OFAC ban that triggered the arrest of Tornado Cash developers for allegedly engaging in money laundering through the platform.

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The ongoing controversy surrounding Tornado Cash has raised many questions in the cryptocurrency and developer community, with many people becoming concerned about the legal issues associated with writing open-source code. Some major crypto companies have also backed away from the Treasury Department’s moves Exchange Coinbase decided to support the lawsuit brought by Tornado Cash users against OFAC.

As previously reported, the co-founder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin publicly claimed that he used Tornado Cash to donate funds to Ukraine to protect the financial privacy of recipients.

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