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Google Cloud is working with the Tezos blockchain to develop Web3 technology

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Google’s cloud computing division has added another string to its Web3 bow with a new partnership to become the network validator or “corporate baker” of the Tezos blockchain.

February 10 February 22 The Tezos Foundation, a Swiss non-profit foundation supporting the Tezos blockchain, announced that team with Google Cloud, which will enable cloud computing customers to deploy Tezos nodes and build Web3 applications on the blockchain.

Tezos is a blockchain-based smart contract platform used to power decentralized applications, similar to Ethereum, Cardano, and others. Companies that have used Tezos includes gaming giant Ubisoft and the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

The partnership will also enable companies and developers to host and deploy Remote Procedure Call (RPC) nodes for Web3 applications using the Tezos blockchain and Google Cloud infrastructure.

The Tezos Foundation will provide new and existing Google Cloud customers with access to its enterprise baking program. Through the Tezos program, Google Cloud will offer customers interested in creating Web3 applications the easy deployment of nodes and indexers on the Tezos protocol.

The partnership is also set to provide selected Tezos startup incubators with Google Cloud credits and mentorship through the Google for Startups cloud program.

“At Google Cloud, we provide Web3 founders and developers with a secure and reliable infrastructure to innovate and scale their applications,” said James Tromans, CTO of Web3 at Google Cloud.

Meanwhile, Tezos Foundation Chief Commercial Officer Mason Edwards said the partnership is a step toward achieving institutional adoption and mass market opportunities for Web3 technology.

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In January 2022 Google Cloud has created a dedicated team for digital assets, which aims to facilitate the growth and development of the blockchain ecosystem. The team’s primary goal was to help Google Cloud clients generate, exchange, store value, and launch new products on blockchain-powered platforms.

In October 2022, the Near Foundation presented a new collaboration between Close to the protocol and Google Cloud. The partnership was to offer infrastructure support for Near Web3’s startup platform, Pagoda.

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