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Is the bottom inside? The crypto community shares its thoughts

by SuperiorInvest

Buying the dip will instantly become a nightmare as cryptocurrency prices fall further as the bear market continues its onset. However, recent declines show that current prices can potentially be a good entry point for traders. To find out what the community thinks, Cointelegraph he asked Twitter to answer the question – is there a bottom?

From preparing for the next impact and waiting for Bitcoin (BTC) prices will go down to hope that the fun that comes with the bull market will continue, members of the crypto community have shared their thoughts on the bottom of crypto prices.

Some Twitter users are convinced that this is not the bottom yet. One community member he answered to the thread saying that people should be prepared for Bitcoin to go even lower. “This winter will be hard,” they wrote. Although he shares the same view that he’s not down yet, another Twitter user shows a more positive vibe, saying that reimbursed some winners and waiting to see what happens next.

Meanwhile, a community member who wrote “shitcoin maximalist” in his Twitter bio responded to the thread in a hilarious way, but seemingly tired of cryptocurrency crashes. They tweeted:

In addition, another community member also responded with the hope that the recent price drops have already bottomed out. According to a community member, unless the price of BTC leaves the $25,000 mark, traders will not know if the current prices are truly the bottom. However, the businessman hope that it is so that “the fun can continue”.

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In September, analysts discussed the topic of bitcoin bottom and put their thoughts into a Twitter’s hosted space by Cointelegraph. Blockware Solutions analyst Joe Burnett said in an interview that there are many factors putting pressure on bitcoin, including government attempts to fight inflation.

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