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Post-pandemic travelers visited these 10 countries the most in 2022

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It’s almost time to start planning your trip for 2023, and the most visited countries of 2022 might be a good place to start.

Ticket Database Company, ForwardKeyspublished its annual report ranking the top countries based on the volume by which tourism has grown since tourism was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and 2021.

The report found that most of the top 20 countries were mainly in Central America and the Caribbean.

According to ForwardKeys, this statistic reflects the fact that many tourism-dependent countries in these regions have implemented less severe COVID-19 travel restrictions and have been able to maintain a steady flow of visitors during the pandemic.

#1 most visited country in 2022: Dominican Republic

Between January 1 and October 18, 2022, the Dominican Republic welcomed 5% more visitors than the same period in 2019. According to World Tourism Organization data, it was the most visited destination in the Caribbean.

The Dominican Republic is best known for its year-round golf courses, and some of the best luxury all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean are in Punta Cana and La Romana.

Top 10 most visited countries in 2022

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