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Salesforce Web3 helps brands build trusted and scalable NFT programs

by SuperiorInvest

Salesforce, a customer relationship management software company he announced limited version of Salesforce Web3 March 15. The company said it will be a platform that will help companies build, manage and deploy non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in a trustworthy, scalable and sustainable manner. This service will enable brands to connect with their customers in a whole new way by integrating their Customer 360 with Web3 data to help brands gain a comprehensive understanding of how customers interact with their brand in both traditional and emerging digital environments.

According to Salesforce, its Web3 platform offers a range of features that allow brands to “create personalized, omnichannel experiences across Web2 and Web3, providing a 360-degree view of how customers interact with their NFT collections.”

The company has also worked with global consulting partners such as Accenture and Deloitte Digital, as well as digital agencies and strategy consultants such as AE Studio, Media Monks, TIME and Vayner3 to help enterprises implement Web3 and experiment with blockchain, digital wallets and NFTs mining. .

Devin Nagy, director of technology and new platforms at Diageo North America, said Salesforce helped the company transform and digitally scale Crown Royal’s Purple Bag Project by providing them with a trusted partner to support their front-end business pages and a back-end data connector for support the #ThatDeservesACrown campaign. She added:

“For every digital collectible claimed, we sent a care package to active duty members of the US military around the world.”

Claire Boots, global CRM manager at Scotch & Soda, said the company chose Salesforce Web3 as a trusted partner for the secure deployment of the Club Soda 3.0 NFT pilot program, which took less than two weeks and gave them 30% real-time insight. clean news.

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For the past few years, Salesforce has been working to integrate its services with Blockchain technology. In 2018, Cointelegraph reported that the company had announced plans offer blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions for its customers until September 2018.

In 2019, the Italian brand of luxury sports cars Lamborghini used Blockchain from Salesforce to verify vintage Lamborghini cars. By using Salesforce Blockchain, Lamborghini has been able to track, certify and authenticate vintage cars faster and more securely.

Additionally, Salesforce has played an active role in the blockchain fundraising space over the years, contributing millions TRM Labs and blockchain launch A digital asset.

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