Shopping for Storage Baskets – The New York Times

Good baskets can work wonders for a messy room.

As versatile containers for things that otherwise wouldn’t have a home, they can control clutter in a hurry and help maintain a sense of order.

“We use them all over,” said Lauren Buxbaum Gordon, who became Nate Berkus’s partner at Nate Berkus Associates, in Chicago, this summer. “People mainly associate baskets with storage for toys, but we use them for towels, accessories, logs for fireplaces, umbrellas.”

Sometimes, she said, the designers at Nate Berkus even use small baskets to elevate the appearance of simple paper towels in a powder room: “Anything to disguise what’s really going on.”

The best baskets are attractive, but don’t call too much attention to themselves.

“We look for something that’s sturdy, the right price and that blends into the interior,” Ms. Buxbaum Gordon said, unless the basket is for a child’s room, where they might choose something more playful. “We usually just like them to be quiet.”

Handwoven grass basket with black stripes from Tanzania

From $68 at Swahili Modern: 541-684-0688 or