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Solana’s Lost Moment, Exclusive Farcaster Q&A, Bullish Year of the Dragon

by SuperiorInvest

SUN CRUSHING. It was supposed to be a cause for celebration: on February 25, the Solana blockchain would complete a full 365 days without any interruption, which is considered a notable milestone given its historical madness. In fact, it was so notable that analysts at Coinbase Institutional mentioned it in a report last week: “Solana is quickly approaching its first full year without any downtime, showing its significant progress in the ecosystem, especially compared to an early history of failures that stopped the chain for days.” But the anniversary was not going to be like this. On Tuesday, about 20 days from the mark, Solana fell for nearly five hours, in what one blockchain validator described as “performance degradation“According to the website state.solana.com, “Senior contributors are working on a root cause report, which will be available once it is complete.” CoinDesk columnist Daniel Kuhn noted That even as Solana’s core developers, led by co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko, promote the blockchain as a top contender in the race for relevance, they have continued to describe the project as being in “beta.” After Tuesday’s blackout, that description might seem apt. On social media platform Litecoin and VeChain They were quick with the blows. Prediction market Polymarket posted what appeared to be a betting forum on whether Solana”go down again in February“, with 89 cents for “no” and 11 cents for “yes.”

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