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Solving the blockchain trilemma with decentralized scalability

by SuperiorInvest

This special episode of Decentralize with Cointelegraph dives deeper into Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solutions with José Fábrega, head of marketing at Metis, a fast-growing Ethereum Layer 2 rollup, and the goal of making Ethereum a more scalable and decentralized place to build.

Can Ethereum withstand the rush?

The blockchain world is booming, but Ethereum, one of the most popular networks for decentralized applications, faces a scalability challenge.

Fábrega encourages listeners to think of the network as a super-secure highway where traffic increases during peak hours, such as during the launch of a popular non-fungible token project. Transactions can take a few minutes to complete and cost users substantial fees, sometimes tens or even hundreds of dollars. This hinders the user experience and limits the network's ability to handle the increasing demand for real-world applications.

To address Ethereum's scaling challenges, developers have created layer 2 solutions. These solutions can be considered “new lanes” on the Ethereum highway for public vehicles.

On Metis, transactions are grouped and processed quickly and cheaply without compromising the security of the underlying Ethereum blockchain. Layer 2 solutions like Metis remove transactions from the Ethereum mainnet, decongesting it and allowing for faster, cheaper transactions.

But aren't there already plenty of L2s?

While L2s already exist, Metis is trying to level up by focusing on scalability and prioritizing decentralization, i.e. a robust network less prone to censorship and downtime. Many existing Layer 2 solutions prioritize speed and cost reduction, although this often comes at the expense of some degree of decentralization.

Decentralization is a fundamental principle of blockchain technology, ensuring that no single entity controls the network, creating an environment more resistant to censorship and manipulation. A genuinely decentralized Layer 2 solution would inherit these benefits from the underlying Ethereum blockchain while also offering scalability.

If successful, Metis can solve the blockchain trilemma of scalability and contribute to a thriving decentralized financial ecosystem.

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