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The latest tech news on cryptocurrencies and blockchain

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March 8: Coinbase Chief of Protocols, Jesse Pollak, tweeted that it is now possible to “build Arbitrum Orbit L3 on top of it,” which is the US crypto exchange's Layer 2 network on top of Ethereum.” (ARB)

S3 Launches as 'Stablecoin Studio' on Sui Blockchain

March 8: T3, described as a “stablecoin studio,” launched on the Sui Layer 1 blockchain, marking a key upgrade to the network’s functionality. According to the team: “S3, powered by Cairo-based blockchain startup Pravica, gives Sui blockchain builders the opportunity to seamlessly launch native stablecoins without the complexities of smart contract development and management.” “S3 simplifies the process for issuers of existing stablecoins, such as USDC and USDT, to integrate with Sui, and also facilitates the creation of custom stablecoin solutions designed to meet specific regulatory requirements in various jurisdictions.”

GoPlus Security raises $4 million, led by Binance Labs

March 8: GoPlus Securitya leading security network for Web3 users, successfully concluded its Series II+ funding round with $4 million, according to the team: “This latest round, totaling $15 million, builds on previously raised funds in a private funding round. The round was led by Binance Labs, with contributions from Redpoint China Ventures, Avalanche and others. GoPlus is reshaping Web3 security, offering transparent access and introducing a new “SecWareX” platform to empower users. “It aims to emerge as the leading provider of user security modules as a service on various blockchains.”

Celo integrates Rarible API solution

March 8: Zeal and Rarible Foundation announced the integration of Rarible's new API solution into the Celo blockchain, designed for fast, low-cost payments, according to the team: “Through the integration, creators and developers building on Celo can leverage a robust set of solutions tools for your decentralized applications (dApps) including: real-time NFT indexer, aggregated order book, multi-chain support, and powerful trading SDK.”

RepubliK, Blockchain-Based System for Rewarding Artists, Launches AI-Powered 'SocialFi' Platform

March 8: Republica blockchain-enabled platform to reward artists and creators, will launch a new AI-powered SocialFi platform on March 8, according to a press release: “By partnering with AWS AI and ML, it plans to change the way content is evaluated and user interactions are analyzed. Instead of just popularity, the platform focuses on quality interactions with the help of AI. It is also enhancing its technology with a layer 2 solution and a multi-chain approach, which will help that transactions go more smoothly and support more people.”

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Dfinity launches 'DocuTrack' to send encrypted documents

March 7: The DFINITY Foundation, which underpins the Internet Computer blockchain, announced the open alpha release of DocuTrack, “an open-source decentralized application developed in collaboration with a Swiss private bank to enable the secure transfer of encrypted documents between businesses and their customers on-chain.” “, according to the team: “DocuTrack allows registered and unregistered users to securely transfer sensitive documents such as applications, property titles and identity certificates in an encrypted format.” (PIC)

Crypto Firm Zama Raises $73M for 'Fully Homomorphic Encryption' Applications

March 7: Open source crypto company zama has raised $73 million in Series A funding to develop applications based on fully homomorphic encryption (FHE), a technology that allows data to be processed without decrypting it, which can be useful for protecting privacy in blockchain and AI. The funding round was led by Multicoin Capital and Protocol Labs, Zama announced via email on Thursday. Participating investors included Solana co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko, Filecoin founder Juan Benet, and Ethereum and Polkadot co-founder Gavin Wood, according to a press release.

Rand Hindi, CEO of Zama (Zama)

Blockchain Dataset Provider Sonarverse Raises $7M in Seed Round

7 of March: Sonarversewhich according to its website offers “curated and trusted data sets for over 32 chains leveraging Snowflake technology,” has raised $7 million in a seed funding round, led by BlockTower Capital with participation from United Overseas Bank, Aglaé Ventures, Third Prime Ventures, Fondos Oculares, Aptos, FBG and FJ Labs. According to the team: “Obtaining complete, high-quality blockchain data is challenging, resulting in incomplete data often plagued by quality issues without extensive infrastructure. “Sonarverse solves this problem with powerful multi-chain data solutions that capture the entire ecosystem story: 3x more chains w/ plans to be on hundreds of chains this year and quickly cover new chains as customers demand.”

'APhone' virtual phone app launched via Solana

7 of March: One phonea device-agnostic web-based virtual phone application, announced its official launch via solarium ecosystem, according to a press release: “APhone NFTs, which give users access to the in-app experience, can be minted and activated (burned) directly on the Solana chain. As an affordable virtual mobile phone application powered By DePIN, which costs $20 per year, APhone overcomes the hardware limitations of older phone models and allows access to Solana's robust DePIN ecosystem, where GPU, storage and RAM are essential for seamless functionality.” .

Burnt Banksy launches XION Blockchain, with USDC as main currency

March 7: Burnt Banksy announced the launch of the XION mainnet, “the first blockchain designed specifically for widespread adoption and the first to use USDC, a fully reserved digital dollar, as its primary transactional currency,” according to the team: “The announcement was made as part of Burnt's exclusive performance in New York, during which the founder set himself on fire and subsequently set fire to XION, symbolizing a new light for the crypto industry.”

Image shared by a representative of Burnt Banksy's performance at the XION blockchain launch in Brooklyn on Wednesday.  (Banksy burned)
Image shared by a representative of Burnt Banksy's performance at the XION blockchain launch in Brooklyn on Wednesday. (Banksy burned)

Blackwing, Developer of Layer-2 Modular Chain for Commerce, Raises $4.5 Million

March 7: Headquartered in New York black wingfounded by former Meta and Robinhood veterans, raised $4.5 million, led by Hashed VC and gumi Cryptos Capital, according to the team: “Blackwing developed the first modular layer 2 blockchain designed for zero-settlement leveraged trading. The The blockchain uses 'Limitless Pools that allow users to trade with borrowed funds without facing forced liquidations, ensuring that liquidity providers benefit from earning more fees and traders benefit from safer leverage.'

Core Foundation announces $5 million 'innovation fund' focused on India

7 of March: Central foundation announced a $5 million Innovation Fund to advance India's decentralized application ecosystem on Core Chain, a secure Bitcoin-powered and EVM-enabled blockchain, according to the team: “This fund aims to empower Web3 communities , improve education and provide vital support to founders and builders across India.” According to its project documentation, Core Chain runs on a consensus mechanism known as “Satoshi Plus that unites delegated proof-of-work (DPoW) and delegated proof-of-stake (DPoS).”

Web3 Messaging Platform Beoble Secures Strategic Investment from Animoca

7 of March: beoblea Web3 messaging platform, has received a strategic investment from Animoca Brands, according to the team: “Beoble will use this investment to improve user interaction, privacy and security through blockchain technology, as well as to expand advanced features of Web3 chat to selected companies. “Within the Animoca Brands portfolio. “The new funding will be used to accelerate the development of the platform and expand its features, offering greater interoperability to its global user base.”

DeFi aggregator Hashflow launches on Arbitrum

7 of March: hash stream, a leading decentralized finance (DeFi) trading platform, today announced the launch of its native Arbitrum aggregator, creating a hub for all traders in the Arbitrum ecosystem, according to the team: “Through its intelligent order routing architecture based In intentions, the new Hashflow Aggregator+ product allows traders to tap approximately $8 billion of liquidity to get the best prices on the most popular tokens on Arbitrum. As the Arbitrum DeFi community continues to rapidly expand, Hashflow is positioning itself as a comprehensive trading platform for all users in the ecosystem.” (ARB)

Fiat Payments Web3 Facilitator Wert Expands Card Acceptance to JCB, Amex and Discover

7 of March: werta payment solutions provider that facilitates fiat payments in the Web3 space, will expand its card acceptance to JCB, American Express (Amex) and Discover in collaboration with Worldpay, a global payment processor, according to the team: “This promotes a Increases the participation of native non-crypto users and encourages inclusion in the Web3 space. “Wert will now support cards for cardholders in a staggering 198 countries, providing seamless access to web3 for the estimated 121 million Amex, 140 million JCB and approximately 57 million Discover cardholders.”

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