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The latest update from the Cointelegraph ground team

by SuperiorInvest

Welcome back to day three of the Web Summit, one of the world’s leading technology conferences, with over 71,000 attendees on day three. Cointelegraph’s ground team based in Lisbon, Portugal is ready to bring the most exclusive insights on Web3, crypto and blockchain from the event.

In the first two days of the summit, some of the leading founders of Web3 shared their views on the future of finance, the metaverse and gaming. WAX CEO William Quigley told Cointelegraph that traditional firms are unlikely to lead in the new generation of Web3 games. The Sandbox co-founder said the future of the metaverse is in a state of evolution, with both brands and users as important growth catalysts.

The CEO of Yuga Labs said that NFTs could bring a new form of digital ownership to the masses at Web3, while the CEO of Chainalysis shared his thoughts on the growing number of crypto hacks and how to mitigate them. Read more like this exclusive insights from day two our live broadcast.

The Cointelegraph team is back on site to bring you some of the latest and exclusive insights from the event.

Notice: Be sure to check this article regularly for the latest event announcements. All timestamps are in the UTC time zone and updates are in reverse order (most recent update is at the top).

11:30- Prominent crypto investor Tim Draper was next on stage to discuss market conditions, their funding aspects and said that bear markets don’t worry him, rather bull markets make him nervous. His advice for startups and projects – get as much money as you can during a bull market and don’t waste it. He added that companies should focus on prudent use of funds during a bear market to stay ahead.

Venture capitalist and crypto investor Tim Draper

11:00 am- Next on stage is Sir Tim Berners-Lee, founder of the World Wide Web, along with co-founder of his Web3 company Inrupt, John Bruce, discussing the social and economic impact of Web3. Lee said the focus should be on efficiency rather than branding like Web3.

Inventor of the World Wide Web Tim Lee

10:30- The first panel discussion on the main stage revolved around the future of cryptocurrencies with the likes of Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson, Ben McKenzie, actor and Slate journalist, and Web3 creator Molly White.

Cardana founder Charles Hoskinson, actor and journalist Ben McKenzie discussing Bitcoin

McKenzie opened the discussion by hitting crypto and calling Bitcoin adoption in El Salvador failure because he didn’t see many people using it. Hoskinson was quick to counter the “bizarre” notion, saying that cryptocurrencies are reshaping the financial system. When asked about El Salvador, Hoskinson was quick to remind him that BTC is a digital commodity and El Salvador uses it as a bi-monetary system in the same way that the United States does not use gold directly for transactions.

9:30 a.m– Unlike yesterday’s gloomy and rainy weather, today is sunny as can be in Lisbon. The Cointelegraph team is ready for the third day of action, but first breakfast and coffee!

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