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The private sale of Cointelegraph’s historic collection is now live

by SuperiorInvest

Want to stamp out a piece of crypto history as a digital collectible? The time is almost here. After accumulating the waiting list more than 400,000 participantsCointelegraph’s collection of historic non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which prompted the delayed but fairer launch, opened on November 23rd to waitlists and will launch on December 1st to the general public.

Although crypto and blockchain are relatively new in terms of world history, a number of memorable events have drawn memorable headlines over the years. The Cointelegraph Historical Collection gives the public the opportunity to view the history of Cointelegraph articles and immortalize those they would like to own or trade and turn them into digital collectibles. The fans are already there look some Cointelegraph NFT articles on the OpenSea Digital Market while others do compiling multiple pieces together into unmistakable token collections.

On October 14th, Cointelegraph unveiled Cointelegraph Historical — an NFT collection that allows people to select past Cointelegraph articles from its history and mint them as digital collectibles to own and trade. As of November 23rd, the first 500 people who joined the waiting list now have full access to minting their favorite Cointelegraph articles as NFTs. The next batch of top 500 referrers can now go into action. The full public launch will take place on December 1st.

Check out Cointelegraph’s history collection page

Cointelegraph’s Historical Collection was developed with help from Mintmade. As part of the pre-launch process, Mintmade awarded a token called “Mining Points” to people who completed specific tasks. These tokens give holders the ability to mint free Cointelegraph digital collectibles. Otherwise, article minting costs start at $20, with a limited number of each Cointelegraph article available.

Readers interested in Cointelegraph’s NFT product have already started the conversation in Cointelegraph’s history section Discord channel.

Not on the waiting list but want to be ready for December 1st? Check out the website and decide which articles would make good digital collectibles, then hit the bullseye when the full launch begins.

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