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Tornado Cash developer Alexey Pertsev will remain detained until a hearing next year

by SuperiorInvest

Detained Tornado Cash developer Alexsey Pertsev will spend the next three months in custody in the Netherlands, according to a court hearing held on November 22.

Cointelegraph attended a preliminary hearing at the Palace of Justice in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, which outlined the basics the case against Percev after 103 days in custody.

The prosecution outlined a broad outline of its investigation and identified Pertsev as a central figure in the Tornado Cash operation before defense attorney WK Cheng made his first defense argument.

Cheng highlighted several points describing Tornado Cash’s use cases and misconceptions about its functionality.

“I’m disappointed with the court’s decision. We tried to explain as clearly as possible what the defense’s positions are,” Cheng told Cointelegraph after the preliminary hearing.

Defense counsel confirmed that the first hearing was postponed until February 20, 2023, and reiterated his belief that the State had presented a one-sided interpretation of Percev’s involvement in Tornado Cash.

“We’re going to make some requests, we’re going to do some investigations, things that we need to sort out to clear them up. And we will try to prepare for the next court hearing.”

The prosecution highlighted concerns that Pertsev was a flight risk if he was to be released before the first hearing despite a series of promises by his legal team, which would include surveillance at his home and weekly checks at the local police station.

This story is developing and will be updated with additional background information.

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