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XPO Continue Rally in Bullish Sequence

by SuperiorInvest


XPO INC., (XPO) provides trucking services in United States, the rest of North America, Europe, the United Kingdom and internationally. It operates in two segments, North American LTL & European shipping & offers services to various industries. Based in Greenwich, CT, it falls under the “Industrials” sector & trades under the ticker “XPO” on the NYSE. As of February 12, 2024, it has a market cap of B$13.65.

XPO trades at ATH in impulse order in (3) of (3)) of III or (III). It expects it to remain supported in the 3, 7 or 11 swings to move back up, which may provide a trading opportunity.

XPO – Elliott Wave Latest Weekly View:

It placed (II) at $13.30 low in weekly order 2020 low & II of (III) at $24.75 low in 2022. Above that it favors upside in ((3)) III & III. they remain supported while dips remain above $65.80. Placed ((1)) of III at $80.42 & ((2)) at $65.80 low as a shallow correction. Within ((1) it was (1) a high of $45.06, (2) a low of $29.02, (3) a high of $76.77, (4) a low of 67.21 USD & finally ended (5) at $80.42 as ((1)). Ended ((2)) as 0.236 Fibonacci retracement ((1)) before resuming above in ((3)).

XPO – Latest Daily Elliott Wave View:

Above the ((2)) low of $65.80 placed favorites up in 3 of (3) of ((3)). It made (1) a high of $90.78 & (2) a low of $78.72. Within (3) of ((3) it placed 2 at a low of $80.26 and placed up on ((iii)) of 3 while ending ((ii)) at a low of $82.78. It expects to close soon one more push above ((iii)) of 3 before the correction in ((iv)). Expects it to remain supported in the third and fourth wave series that will extend higher as part of ((3)) III which can extend between $121.48 – $155.91 We like to buy a 3, 7 or 11 piece move in extreme areas when it is reached.

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