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XRP price is out of range with a 25% increase, but why?

by SuperiorInvest

Crypto Markets Flash a Little Green Like Bitcoin on September 22nd (BTC) price rose 4.7% to trade above $19,300 and Ether (ETH) rose 6.5% to regain the $1,300 level.

RSR and Astar Network (ASTAR) were also up 23% and 17%, but the day’s most notable mover was XRP.

Currently, the price of XRP reflects a gain of almost 25% and assets have increased by 41% in the last month. According to defense attorney James K. Filan, on September 18 Ripple Labs filed a motion for summary judgment — a legal process in which a court makes a final decision based on the facts provided, rather than ordering a trial — and a ruling on whether XRP is a security is expected by mid-December.

Excitement from the news could boost investor sentiment about XRP’s longer-term prospects.

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From a technical analysis perspective, XRP price is looking to secure a second daily close above long-term downtrend resistance, and trading volumes and open interest in futures contracts have surged over the past 24 hours.

XRP/USDT 1 day chart. Source: TradingView

According to Cointelegraph market analyst Marcel Pechman:

“XRP open interest is now at $575 million, up from $310 million a week ago.”

Traders not yet positioned may consider waiting to see if the 200-day moving average at $0.49 flips to support over the next few daily closes. Intraday and swing traders typically capitalize on longer-term resistance levels and also expect price rejection and retesting of lower support after the asset manages to break out of a long consolidation period, price bottom, or market structure-changing move.

Crypto analytics provider TheKingfisher echoed a similar sentiment, suggesting that buyers “will likely have an opportunity to short XRP for a long time.”

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